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Searching for crawl space services in Frankfort, KY? Look no further. At Rose Crawl Space Solutions, we specialize in providing expert crawl space solutions that enhance your home’s health and value. 

With a commitment to quality and innovation, our skilled professionals are ready to address your needs. Transform your living space with our comprehensive services designed to create a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Top Rated Crawlspace Restoration Company In Frankfort, KY

At our core, we’re more than a home improvement company – we’re creators of comfort. With a blend of artistry and expertise, Rose Crawl Space Solutions weave solutions that transform houses into harmonious havens. Using our skills, Rose Crawl Space Solutions transform homes into cozy retreats.

Our work in Frankfort, KY is like an artist’s painting, from wrapping your foundation with warmth to diverting water with drainage systems. We also use vapor barriers to protect, like a shield. We control humidity like a musician playing a song. We make moisture go away and fix crawl spaces expertly. Trust us to make your home in Frankfort, KY stable and pleasant. We bring happiness to your living space, like a beautiful symphony.

Our Services

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Unveil a hidden treasure beneath your home. Our encapsulation goes beyond protection, creating a cozy space ready to host your dreams.

Drainage Systems

Custom water choreography for your property. We sculpt landscapes to waltz with rain, keeping your home high and dry

Vapor Barrier

Wrap your home in an impermeable shield. Our vapor barrier is like a force field, protecting against the unseen enemies of moisture and mold.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Breathe easy with our crawl space lung. Our dehumidifier whispers to the walls, ensuring your home's air is pure and crisp.

Moisture Removal

We're the moisture exterminators in Frankfort, KY. Unwanted dampness meets its match as we sweep it out, leaving your crawl space refreshed and dry.

Crawl Space Repair

Our magic wand for homes. We wave away structural worries, ensuring your home in Frankfort, KY stands tall, safe, and sound for years to come.

How Does Our Service Work?


We begin with an in-depth discussion to understand your needs and concerns, tailoring our approach to your unique situation.


Our experts in Frankfort, KY inspect your crawl space, identifying issues such as moisture, structural concerns, or insulation problems.

Customized Plan

We design a comprehensive solution, whether it's encapsulation, drainage, dehumidification, or repairs, aligning with your goals and budget.


Our skilled team executes the plan with precision, utilizing advanced technology and techniques to deliver lasting results.

Quality Check

We ensure every detail is addressed, conducting thorough inspections to guarantee the effectiveness and longevity of our service.


Experience a healthier, more comfortable home in Frankfort, KY as we eliminate moisture, improve air quality, and fortify your crawl space's integrity.

Why Choose Us?


With years of experience, our accurate solutions address your unique needs in Frankfort, KY effectively.

Comprehensive Services

From diverse solutions to varied issues, we've got your home covered.

Advanced Technology

Modern techniques ensure lasting, efficient results every time.

Customer-Centric Approach

Transparency and tailored solutions for your complete satisfaction.

Transformative Impact

Our services create healthier, more comfortable living environments for you. We create a positive impact with what we do.

Proven Success

Satisfied clients testify to our track record of delivering exceptional results. We make sure all our clients in Frankfort, KY get the best services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, once every 20-25 years, depending on environmental factors and maintenance.

Regular inspections, sealing gaps, and ensuring proper ventilation and dehumidification maintain its effectiveness.

Heavy-duty, 20 mils or thicker vapor barriers provide durable protection against moisture, mold, and pests.

A combination of encapsulation, proper drainage, and effective gutter systems helps prevent water infiltration, safeguarding your crawl space.